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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hong long will it take for my order to reach me?

We always provide tracking numbers to all orders, please login to your account and check your order and tracking status, if you still have any question regarding your shipped package(s) please contact us at 1-647-247-3686 or send email info@charmcell.com for help.

Q: How do I give you my credit card information for payment?

Due to security reason, we will never ask you to enter your credit card number online, if you are a first time customer, after we receive your order, our sales representative or accounting department will contact you for your credit card information

Q: Do you sell the actual cell phones?

No, CharmCell.com does not sell actual cell phones.

Q: Do you offer any expedited shipping options?

Yes, we offer most of the expedited shipping options by Canada Postal . Please contact us at 1-647-247-3686 for detail.

Q: Are all of your products brand new?

Yes, all products are brand new.

Q: Why I cannot login my account?

After typing in the correct email address and password, please click the submit button instead of pressing the enter key.